A List of Baby Issues and How to Avoid Them

baby hiccups third trimester

Bringing a new life into this world is usually very eventful and if you have just discovered that you are with child, you are obviously very excited. This is a milestone in every woman’s life and with that in mind, here is a list of potential baby issues and ways to avoid them.

  • Breastfeeding issues – If you are breastfeeding your baby, he or she might develop hiccups and you might experience baby hiccups third trimester, which is not uncommon and might startle you somewhat the first time. We are unsure what causes hiccups within the womb, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. Many mums fear their baby is not getting enough nourishment and if you download one of the mum apps, you can connect with other mothers and seek advice.
  • Getting baby to go to sleep – Many new mums admit that this is an issue and if the baby doesn’t get enough sleep, he or she will be crying a lot due to irritability. We recommend trial & error to discover the cause for the lack of sleep, indeed, this is a good model to use with most baby issues. We must remember that babies cannot communicate their needs and guesswork might play a role in finding out what the problem actually is.
  • Home safety – Of course, your baby should be in a secure environment at home and there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of injury to your baby. You should, for example, always be present when children are near the baby, as you can never be sure how they will react to the arrival of a new brother or sister. Watch pets around the baby, as like children, your dog might feel jealous of the new arrival; at least until you are sure your pet has accepted the baby as one of his pack. Click here for tips on encouraging good oral health in your children.
  • Bath time – Safety at bath time is obviously critical and you should be within arm distance of your baby at all times. Never leave an older child alone with your baby when bathing, as this is when accidents can occur. One must not become complacent where the baby’s safety is concerned and should the doorbell ring while bathing the baby, make sure you take the baby out of the bath and bring him or her with you when you answer the door.
  • Sleeping safety – When the baby is sleeping soundly, this is obviously a time of worry for any new mother. You should always place your baby on his or her back, and remove all soft toys; most mums have a baby alarm device which alerts you if there is any sound. Using technology can help create a safe environment for your baby and these alarms are inexpensive and very effective.

There are lots of free resources online about caring for your baby and if you download a mum app, you can connect with other mums.

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