A Guide to the Average Rental Property Management Fees in 2023

Are you wondering if a property management company is worth it? Read here for a guide to the average rental property management fees in 2023.

Are you considering renting out your property or investing in rental real estate in 2023? One crucial aspect to factor into your decision-making process is understanding rental property management fees. These fees can significantly impact your return on investment, making it essential to know what to expect.

Managing rental properties is an in-depth process. From finding the right tenant, searching for the legal paperwork, and getting the payments each month. For this reason, many landlords have found it wise to choose a rental property management company. 

But what are property management fees, and how much do they cost? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Understanding Rental Property Management Fees

Property management fees are an essential part of any rental property’s budget. These fees cover the cost of a professional to oversee the property. It also ensures that all of the necessary maintenance and upkeep tasks are completed.

These costs vary greatly and depend on several factors. These include the amount of space being managed, the amount of time the manager puts into the property, and the number of tenants. Generally, the larger the property and the more tenants the higher the fee.

Average Property Management Fees in 2023

In this article, we’re going to discuss the different types of fees you must know. Let’s take a look at the average rates for 2023:

Monthly Management Fee

Expect to pay around 8% to 10% of the monthly rent.

Leasing Fee

This typically ranges from 50% to 100% of the first month’s rent.

Maintenance and Repair Fees

These can vary greatly but often range from 5% to 15% of the repair costs.

Vacancy Fee

Around 50% to 100% of the monthly rent for the period the property remains vacant.

Eviction Fee

Costs can vary, but you may expect to pay around $500 for eviction-related services.

Factors Influencing Property Management Fees

These include the type of property you own, its location, the extent of services required, and the experience and reputation of the property management services. In particular, location plays a significant role in determining the fees you can expect to pay.

For instance, if you’re considering property management in Concord, NC, you’ll find that fees may vary compared to other regions. This might have unique market dynamics, such as different demand levels and local regulations, which can influence the cost of services.

Choosing the Right Company

When considering rental property management fees in 2023, it’s essential to balance cost with the quality of service. A property manager with lower fees may not provide the same level of expertise and care as a reputable, albeit slightly more expensive, company.

When researching property management companies, be sure to:

Ask for References

Request references from current clients to get a sense of their satisfaction with the company’s services.

Compare Services

Compare the services offered by different companies to ensure they align with your needs.

Read the Contract Carefully

Understand the terms of the contract, including any additional fees that may not be listed in the standard fee structure.

Learn More About Rental Property Management Fees Today

In conclusion, the rental property management fees in 2023 vary based on the size and scope of the property. It is important to do research when deciding on a property management company to ensure that the fee is fair and justified. 

Property owners should stay up to date on the fees relative to their area. Furthermore, they should consult a professional for advice on how to best manage their rental property and ensure that their fees remain within their budget.

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