5 Tasteful Home Exterior Styles to Try For Your Next Upgrade

The right home upgrades can significantly change the value of your home. Here are some stunning home exterior styles to consider for your renovations.

The exterior of your home is one of the first things that people see when they come to visit. Having a great exterior sets the tone for your entire home and shows off your style.

Home exterior styles can be easy to change on your own or with the help of professionals. Changing the design of your home offers more choices for your family, friends, and guests.  Decorating your home’s exterior can be an ideal addition to your overall design and security.

There are various styles of exterior design out there. From Victorian to modern and contemporary, you’ll have a variety of choices from which to choose.

Do you want to make a change but aren’t sure where to start? Wondering what the trends are for home exteriors this year?

Check out these amazing home exterior styles and make your house stand out from all the others! 

1. Inventive Exterior Design Ideas

When it comes to upgrading the exterior of your home, it can be difficult to decide on the proper style that will suit your house. For a classic, timeless look, consider a Mediterranean style complete with white stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, and wrought iron accents. 

For a modern twist, opt for striking, angular exterior lines, covered balconies, and oversized balconies draped in vibrantly colored fabrics.  Wood clapboard siding is another stylish option, with a variety of colors to choose from.

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2. Craft a Timeless Esthetic

Creating a timeless esthetic for your home exterior requires thought and consideration. It means taking care to choose classic materials and modern lines to create an overall esthetic that won’t look outdated in a few years. 

Incorporate earthy colors and natural finishes to craft a visual lagoon like a peaceful retreat. Shutters, lanterns and house numbers can all tie together a classic timeless look. Whatever exterior style you choose should reflect your desired esthetic as well as reflect the landscape and evoke emotion.

3. Fresh and Modern Exterior Styles

Fresh and modern exterior styles are becoming increasingly popular.  To stay on trend and up to date, try experimenting with tasteful home exterior styles like smooth, solid surfaces and asymmetrical framing. Beautiful and contemporary details such as clean lines, monochrome color palettes, and minimal design elements create a contemporary look.

You could try painting your house a sleek, dark color and adding a brightly colored, contemporary door and window trim. If you’re feeling bold, highlight your home’s design with unique lighting that is bright and eye-catching. 

A combination of natural stones and wooden cladding, as well as a combination of glass, painted details, and metal trimmings can also give a home a modern, sophisticated look. Additionally, landscape and lighting design elements will complete the desired modern home upgrade.

4. Traditional Home Exterior Styles

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s exterior and give it a tasteful style, you can’t go wrong with traditional looks. Traditional home exterior styles are certainly timeless, and they offer a classic and elegant feel to any number of homes. This style can truly bring your home to life with its warmth and rustic feel.

Focus on the symmetry and clean lines for a balanced and well-rounded look and install simple black shutters, door trim, and window trim for an overall classic look that won’t go out of style. There’s also the colonial-inspired look, with its traditional wrap-around porches and brick-lined steps.

Let the shape of your home dictate your selections and enhance architectural features that are already present. By carefully choosing these elements, you can create a tasteful traditional home exterior that will truly stand out from the crowd.

5. Captivating Curb Appeal

When you’re considering a home exterior upgrade, one thing to keep in mind is captivating curb appeal. Captivating curb appeal is the ideal goal when upscaling the exterior style of a home. You want your home to have a look and feel that is attractive to its visitors and passersby. 

Curb appeal is often overlooked, but it’s the first impression your abode makes and a great way to increase its home value.  An inviting entrance can boost the homes’ overall value and esthetic. Consider stonework, shutters, trellises, and other architectural details that can add depth to the outdoor look. 

Finish touches like window boxes, flagpoles, and signage are also great when trying to make a statement. With some creativity and planning, the perfect exterior style can be achieved.

DIY Exterior Upgrades

When it comes to DIY exterior upgrades, tasteful and timeless home exterior styles to try are key. DIY exterior upgrades are a great way to spruce up your home’s look without breaking the bank There are plenty of tasteful exterior styles to try that are sure to revamp the outside of your dwelling.

Consider also adding a front porch or pergola for a cozy, outdoor living space. These stylish options can be part of a major renovation or an easy DIY project. 

Embrace your creative side while incorporating a timeless look to your home’s exterior. With some out-of-the-box solutions, be sure to wow your guests. 

Choose The Best Home Exterior Styles

Your home exterior is an important part of your overall home style. There are a variety of tasteful exterior styles to choose from that can bring a refreshed look to your home.

Building a unique style that reflects who you are and will continue to look beautiful for years to come can be a fun and rewarding experience. Start exploring home exterior styles today and create your own unique style for your next upgrade.

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