5 Signs You Have Presbyopia

5 Signs You Have Presbyopia

It is safe to say that as the majority of people age, their body undergoes an array of changes. The appearance of that first grey hair can be great for some, dreaded for others, as well as that first ache in the lower back. However, one part of the body that undergoes the most changes is the eye.

As most people get older, they will need to attend more opticians appointments and have a higher chance of needing to wear prescribed glasses. However, if these vision impairments are severe enough, it can lead to someone being diagnosed with presbyopia, which is an umbrella term for eye symptoms related to the loss of short sight and the development of far-sightedness. 

So, what are some of the signs that you may have presbyopia?

Blurred Vision Up Close

If you are struggling to see objects that are directly in front of you, then there is a high chance that you have presbyopia. This can start out as a fair innocuous issue; you may need to hold objects further away to get a good look at them, or you may find yourself squinting when an item is close to try and compensate for the issue in your vision. Luckily, presbyopia can be remedied with LASIK eye surgery, which can help you regain the ability to see things up close again.

Eye Strain

Eye strain can feel like your eyes are bruised, sore and can also lead to headaches which are difficult to shake. So, with all of that squinting and other issues with getting the eyes lens to focus, it is no wonder that many people who are diagnosed with presbyopia often report all of the aforementioned symptoms. If you notice frequent bouts of eye strain, please contact your optician for an eye test.

More Light!

It is not a coincidence that people who have farsightedness need more light. Simply put, it is usually to help them focus more on the details of items that are right in front of them. Inadequate lighting can enhance the blurriness that many people with presbyopia have, so if you find that your home is accumulating more lamps and lights, it may be time to call your opticians for a check-up!

Issues With Noticing Fine Details

Have you been squinting for the last 20 minutes trying to spot a detail on a painting? If so, it may be time to consider that you have presbyopia. This can cause more real-world issues too, that go far beyond looking at paintings, such as issues with cooking, knitting, sewing, and using electronic devices that have small screens. 

Issues With Reading 

Have you ever seen the timeless comedy sketch of someone trying to read a book up close, only to then need to move to arm’s length to see it? Well, that’s a sign of presbyopia.

If you have been finding it harder to read recently, then you should book an eye test anyway, but if your eyesight improves when it comes to reading a book that is far away, you may need to look into corrective options too with your optometry team.

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