5 Common Signs of Alcoholism to Look Out For

It is important to know the common signs of an alcohol problem in yourself or a loved one. Here are 5 common signs of alcoholism to look out for.

Are you wondering if someone you care about is a secret alcoholic?

This can be a complicated question to answer on your own, especially since some people can hide their drinking patterns for quite some time.

To make sure you’re on the right track, you should know the common signs of alcoholism. This way, you can spot the symptoms instead of wandering down the road.

Keep reading to learn more about the common signs of alcoholism that you should watch out for.

Drinking Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a serious and chronic disorder. This is usually marked by an unhealthy dependence on alcohol and can lead to a variety of personal and social problems.

Some of the common signs to look out for is continued drinking despite physical or social consequences. It also includes a lack of control, or the ability to stop drinking once started. Drinking to cope with or avoid emotional or physical pain and neglecting daily responsibilities such as work or school, and relationship problems is also a sign.

Loss of Control While Drinking

Alcoholism is characterized by a loss of control while drinking. It is one of the tell-tale signs of alcohol abuse. When someone is unable to stop drinking once they begin or loses inhibition and goes overboard, it is a clear sign of a drinking problem.

Drinkers may also demonstrate changes in their behavior, such as aggression, to the point where other people feel unsafe. The person may not remember things that have happened in their own recent past, and in severe cases, can even become comatose due to their drinking.

Loss of control while drinking is a sign that someone is physically and mentally dependent on alcohol and may need professional help to get their drinking under control.

Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

This can manifest in an individual in different ways, such as agitation when not drinking, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, or headaches. However, some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms include severe shaking, seizures, delirium tremens, and even hallucinations.

If an individual has a hard time going without alcohol, they should seek professional help right away. It is important to remember that they should never try to quit cold turkey, especially without professional guidance. 

Increased Tolerance of Alcohol

If someone close to you has been drinking more frequently and in larger amounts, this could be a warning sign that something more serious is going on. They may become more secretive about their drinking or even lie about it altogether.

People with alcohol issues may also be unable to stop drinking once they start. They may find themselves waking up with hangovers or becoming hostile or aggressive when drinking. They may end up spending more of their time and money on alcohol and letting other responsibilities in their lives slide. 

Lots of Time Spent on Alcohol-Related Activities

It could also mean that an individual is avoiding social gatherings or work obligations to have time to drink. If someone is exhibiting these behaviors, it could be an indication of problem drinking. It isn’t too late to get treated. View this recovery center to start the recovery process.

Explore These Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism are serious health problems that require an adequate response to alleviate the damage it causes. Be aware of the common signs of alcohol dependence and take action if you or a loved one show them.

Seek professional help from mental health services and healthcare providers for the best results. 

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