4 Key Ways to Raise Happy Children

Everyone wants to raise happy children, but it's not always easy. Click here for 4 ways to help your kids grow into healthy and happy adults.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but children as young as 3 or 4 can have depression. And even if your kids aren’t depressed, there’s still a possibility that they’re just not happy.

Your children’s happiness comes first, so you’re doing your best to give them plenty of love and care. But what else can you do?

Read on for 4 ways you can raise happy children!

1. Help Them to Make Friends

Mommy or Daddy might be their best friends at home, but your kids need to have friends their own age. They can make friends at school, but help them along by putting them in some extracurriculars, as this guarantees they’ll interact with other children who have the same interests.

Ask about their day and friends, and have them invite kids over to play. Humans are social creatures, so playtime can be uplifting for your children!

2. Talk About Feelings

It’s ok not to be happy 24/7, so long as there are healthy outlets and ways to cope with these emotions. It’s not good to bottle things up, so encourage your children to talk to you when they’re not feeling great.

If they’re on the younger side, then first help them identify emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Otherwise, provide your kids with a safe space where they can discuss their feelings without fear. Make sure you keep an open ear and are supportive and sympathetic.

3. Keep Them Engaged

A non-engaged child is a bored child. And bored kids can become unhappy quickly.

We mentioned earlier that you should sign your children up for extracurricular activities. Not only can these help them make friends, but they can also keep them stimulated and happy. For example, these classes allow your little ones to have fun in class with other kids and to learn some skills too.

4. Limit Screen Time

Nowadays, most of us are glued to either our phones or computers. Your kids might be old enough to have their own phones, but make sure to limit screen time. Not only are digital screens bad for the eyes, but things like social media can have an adverse effect on their self-esteem.

You want to be careful in setting limits, as you don’t want to come off like you’re punishing them. But try to reach a happy medium where they can get their fill of online time while still handling responsibilities and having enough outdoor time.

Have Happy Children in Your Household

Happy children are what every parent wants. It can be a tough journey, but so long as you’re there for your kids, they’re sure to be happy and healthy, regardless of parenting styles.

Just remember that every child is different, so not every tip above will work or be a good fit. Listen to your children’s needs and go from there.

If you’d like to learn more about mental health support for both you and your kids, then read the rest of our blog.

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