Tips for Choosing a Hardwood Floor Stain Color

When choosing the right color for your new floors is a big decision, discover how to choose the best hardwood floor stain color.

Every floor tells a story. What is the story of your floors?

Are they showing their age? Or are you looking to give them some pop? Floor stain is the solution.

It is available in many hues, so you can find the perfect color to match any aesthetic or mood. Read on to learn how to choose the right hardwood floor stain color for your home.

Assessing Your Existing Decoration

When considering the best hardwood floor stain color for your home, it is critical to examine the existing decoration in your home. The stain color should either blend in or contrast with the other colors in the room.

Consider the items in the room, such as furniture, draperies, wall color, and art pieces, as well as the amount of light the room receives. Consider the floor design and pattern, as this can impact the hardwood stain color you select.

Additionally, sample the stain color on a spare piece of wood to determine the desired outcome. With careful consideration of existing and expected elements of your space, you can choose the perfect hardwood floor stain color.

Understanding Color Tones and Undertones

Choosing a floor stain color for your hardwood flooring can be a daunting task. Understanding color tones and undertones can help make the selection process easier.

When selecting a stain color, it is critical to confirm the wood species of the flooring since wood tones can vary from one species to the next. Consider both the light and dark elements of the room to ensure the stain chosen works with both. It is best to look at the stain color in situ.

You can do it through wet testing samples. Make sure to coordinate with other elements in the room to avoid a multicolor look. It is critical to keep stained boards in the same family or tone of color to give the floor a uniform look.

Seek professional advice if needed. You can check out these flooring services to help pick the best hardwood floor stain for your new flooring.

Knowing What to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid when choosing a hardwood floor stain color is critical to achieving the desired look. Avoid dark, “stainy” shades that can be too dominant. These types of colors can overwhelm a space and make it look smaller.

Choose either light or medium colors for a more natural result. Avoid stains with a yellow, red, or orange hue. These colors show dirt and can be hard to clean.

Choose a color that will blend with a room’s décor and doesn’t clash with other furnishings. Instead of using an exact match, opt for an adjacent stain color that compliments the space. Good luck in the search for the perfect hardwood floor stain color!

Consider a Hardwood Floor Stain in Your Home

Hardwood floor stain colors can be hard to choose with so many available. Consider the tone and style of your existing furniture and home décor when making your choice. Check samples and ask for expert advice to make the best decision.

Contact a local flooring specialist today to start exploring floor stain color options! Keep on browsing our site for ideas and inspiration for your home.

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