The Importance of Peer Review

The Importance of Peer Review

We live in the information age. Thanks to computers and the Internet, data of all kinds is at your fingertips. With smartphones and other devices, you can even access it when you’re not home.

The problem with all of this information is that a huge chunk of it is misguided, inaccurate, or downright false. Care must be taken in vetting articles and other postings, especially in academics, science, and medicine. This is where peer review becomes important. 

Peer Review Defined

When researching information, it’s always best to determine the competence of the originator of the text or other media. Using a viable source such as Bentham Science Publishers is highly recommended. 

Peer reviews are performed by a person or persons with expertise in the same field as the author of a work. Hence the word, “peer”. The information is carefully read and assessed as are the sources used in the creation of the work. In a sense, this puts a seal of approval on the work and assures readers and viewers they can trust it.

Fields That Use Peer Review

Any information should be carefully vetted. Publishers such as Bentham Open, carefully review everything before it is made public. Certain fields especially require peer review.

  • Academics – When teaching at any level, information given to students must be vetted for accuracy to ensure the quality of education. Students are also encouraged to use peer-reviewed sources when writing papers.
  • Science – Science requires a very high level of accuracy or it is worthless. All scientific publications must be peer-reviewed.
  • Medicine – When dealing with diagnosing and treating health problems, accurate information is vital. Medical journals are always peer-reviewed.

Works on many professions are also peer-reviewed for accuracy.

False information has no value and can be dangerous, especially in science, medicine, and academia. The process of peer review helps ensure that information being disseminated as well as the sources used to write it, are accurate. 

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