Teen Bedroom Designs: 3 Ways to Let Your Child Express Themselves

Let your teen express themselves through decorating their room. Check out these teen bedroom designs, ideas, and inspiration, and start collaborating.

The average person will spend nearly 230,000 hours asleep. So, you’ll want a bedroom that encourages sleep and comfort. However, your teen will require extra amenities to make their room stand out.

When it comes to teen bedroom designs, it can be challenging to find a room that’s fun, functional, and comfortable. Luckily, there are some ways to give your teen the bedroom of their dreams.

If you want to give your teen’s bedroom a makeover, keep reading for some of the most fun ways you can spruce up their space.

1. Unique Walls

Walls take up a majority of the visual space in a room. Boring walls can drain the life and energy out of a room, causing it to look dull. Ensuring that they look cool can easily change the overall feeling of a bedroom!

Though you may be hesitant to hang heavy shelving, photos, and tapestries up, they can help your child express their interests and showcase their personality. Depending on their age, for a nice addition to their wall, you can add neon animal signs of their favorite animals.

However, if you’re not a natural Picasso, you can find wallpaper murals here. They are quick and easy to install, adding dimension and texture to your teen’s wall.

2. Cool Lighting

Another easy way to upgrade your child’s bedroom is through fun lighting. Not only is this a functional way to change up your kid’s space, but it also acts as cool bedroom decor.

One of the most popular options is fairy lights, as they create a warm, whimsical, and relaxing glow. However, LED strip lights are also becoming more popular as they can change color with the click of a button.

However, you aren’t limited to strip lighting. You can also buy a custom neon sign to add a unique glow to your teen’s space. You can also find statement light fixtures that will captivate your kid’s friends!

3. Comfortable Seating

Teens notoriously spend a lot of time in their room. Even though you may secretly want to limit how much comfortable seating they have as a way to lure them out, ensuring they have a space to spend time is crucial.

Whether you invest in a comfortable desk chair for homework and gaming or a small couch for your teen to read and browse the internet, giving them space to hang out is crucial.

You can take it one step further and invest in a cozy hanging chair or hammock-type seating.

Your Kid Will Love These Teen Bedroom Designs

Though your teen’s princess or racecar bedroom may have excited them years ago, as they grow up, their bedroom will need to mature, too.

Pay attention to your kid’s interests and likes. When it comes to bedroom design ideas for teens, each child is different. Make sure you ask for input, as they’re the ones who will spend time there!

If you found these teen bedroom designs inspiring, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. You’ll find more cool lifestyle tips and tricks to help you transform your home.

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