Florida Man September 22

Florida Man September 22

What nonsense did Florida man September 22 bring us? Is there something funny? Or is it just another tragedy? 

On the day known to be Hobbit Day, a Florida man still brings chaos to everyone around him. From smuggling live water lizards to threatening a woman, here’s the whole story:

Florida Man September 22, 2020 – Florida Man Arrested for Smuggling Lizards

Tampa, Florida: Police arrested a Florida Man for smuggling live monitor lizards. He was smuggling the lizards from the Philippines to the United States.

The Florida Man here is Akbar Akram (44), who already received a sentence earlier in the federal court. The culprit pleaded guilty to wildlife trafficking. Akram admitted that he knew that the lizards already violated the Philippine law, and the import also violated the law in the U.S.

After the arrival, Akram sold some lizards to different parts of the country, including Massachusetts, Colorado, and Connecticut.

He was importing 20 live water monitor lizards from the Philippines starting in 2016. Akram successfully passed the checks by putting the lizards into socks, wrapped in tape, and placed inside electronic equipment. He then transferred the equipment through commercial carriers. 

Florida Man September 22, 2021 – Florida Man Arrested for Threatening and Kidnapping a Woman 

Florida Man September 22,

Winter Haven, Florida. – Police arrested a Florida Man for threatening a woman with a knife during a failed kidnapping attempt.

The victim resisted, causing the man to use force and harm the woman. Police quickly arrested the culprit, Sir Dangerous Lashawd London, shortly after.

He received charges for what he was doing, according to the police report. These charges include kidnapping, assault, vehicle theft, robbery, and aggravated assault. 

The story started when Lashawd London got into an argument in an apartment downtown in Winter Haven. He argued with a woman. He then took her car key and refused to return them to the woman.

The woman then got angry and decided to leave the scene by riding in another car. However, Lashawd London continued his violent acts by jumping right in front of the car and punching the car’s windshield.

The glass started to break after a few punches. 

The woman continued driving toward the complex’s front entrance and stopped there. London took a silver knife from the vehicle’s glove compartment and put it to her throat while threatening her.

He shouted angrily while dishing out one threat one after the other. He said he’d make her life miserable and demanded her drive him back home.

The victim agreed, and London went to the other’s vehicle to follow her. London then started to crash the car into her multiple times.

It was hard for her to dodge the attacks. The woman’s vehicle was still functioning despite the many hits. She then drove straight into Winter Haven Police Department. Police then arrested London and put him into jail shortly after.

Final Thoughts

Endangered animals are meant to be protected, not stolen and smuggled to foreign lands. Let us protect them so our kids and future generations may have a chance to see them directly.

What the first and the second Florida Man did was wrong. So, always be respectful to the law, cool your emotions, and don’t bring violence to solve your problems. 

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