A Guide to the Different Types of Cloth Diapers

Are you interested in switching your little one to cloth diapers? Click here for a guide to the different types of cloth diapers to find out your options.

Are you ready to welcome your newest family addition? Choosing the best cloth diapers is challenging. Between designer and eco-friendly options, you might feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the market.

How can you find the best fit for your baby?

Keep reading for a guide to the different types of cloth diapers on the market. With this guide, you can make an informed decision about your little one’s bum.

Prefolds Diapers

Prefolds diapers are contains layers of fabric and a waterproof cover. They are usually made of cotton, hemp, or a combination of the two and offer great absorbency and breathability.

Prefolds diapers are fastened with a snappy, pins, or a diaper cover. They are adjustable and can be folded to fit babies of all shapes and sizes. They can also be used as a backup to an all-in-one diaper or to provide extra absorption.

Pre folds diapers are the most basic and affordable type of diaper. With limited adjustability, they require extra waterproof diaper covers to avoid leakage. However, they may be the best choice for those on a budget or new to cloth diapering.

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are popular and made with two layers of waterproof fabric and an inner sewn pocket that holds a cloth insert. The insert is what absorbs and holds the liquid.

Pocket diapers are great for adjustability, as the pocket can be packed with as many inserts as needed depending on the size and needs of your baby. They come in several styles, including all-in-ones, adjustable pocket diapers, and others. This makes them a great choice for parents or caregivers who want to customize absorbency and fit.

Hybrid Fitteds

Hybrid fitted has a fitted bottom and fit snug against the baby’s body. The waist and legs are trimmed with elastic giving them a snug fit. To hold them in place, closures such as snaps and hook & loops are used.

They typically have additional rise snaps or adjustable snaps to give a better fit as the baby grows. Unlike all-in-ones, Hybrid Fitteds require a waterproof outer cover. These diapers can be used with either cloth or disposable inserts, making them a very versatile option and a great one for when you’re going out.

Be sure to rinse diapers in cold water to remove urine and feces, and follow manufacturer instructions for washing and drying. This is to avoid different types of diaper rash that can cause discomfort and irritation for the baby.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are an essential part of cloth diapering, providing a waterproof layer for use during swimming lessons or trips to the beach. They are designed to keep feces inside the diaper. While still allowing liquids to pass through the fabric and into the water we swim in, making them perfect for trips to the pool or beach.

Unlike other baby diapers, they don’t have any absorption material. They are made from layers of fabric that can trap solids, even when wet.

They usually have elastic around the waist and legs to secure them during swimming. They often also feature an outer waterproof layer as an extra precaution.

Try Out Different Types of Cloth Diapers Today

Cloth diapers are more convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, and customizable than reusable diapers. From Prefolds, all-in-ones, and hybrid fitted, having the right diaper knowledge can help you choose the best option.

So why not get started today? Try out different types of cloth diapers and see which works best for you and your family.

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