7 Signs of Alcohol Addiction You Shouldn’t Ignore

Alcohol addiction can come on quickly and consume your entire life. Here are 7 signs of alcohol addiction you shouldn't ignore.

Have you or a loved one fallen prey to alcohol addiction?

Alcoholism is a severe problem throughout the United States. Over 14 million people live with the disease. That’s 5 percent of the American population.

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disorder. Issues only get worse as time goes on. This can result in hospitalization, incarceration, or death.

If you think someone in your circle is dealing with alcoholism, there are sure signs to watch for. This article will cover some warning signs of alcohol addiction to look out for. Let’s get into it!

1. Experience Abnormal Mood Swings

Alcohol addiction can cause a person to experience abnormal mood swings. If you notice that your loved one is going from elated one moment to annoy and agitated the next, it could be a sign that they are struggling with alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism and skin damage are serious conditions that can cause severe physical and psychological health issues. Also, if these mood swings become exaggerated and more frequent, reaching out for professional help is essential.

2. Dizziness When Trying to Abstain From Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is severe, and if you or someone you know starts to show certain signs, it should not be ignored. One sign is an experience of dizziness when trying to abstain from drinking.

It is a sign that the body has grown so accustomed to a regular and excessive alcohol problem intake that it is used to having it in the body and cannot function properly without it.

Symptoms of severe dizziness when trying to go without alcohol include headaches, increased heart rate, nausea, confusion, and trouble concentrating.

If these signs are present, it could be a sign of an alcohol addiction problem. Professional help should be sought immediately to understand the issue and help the individual begin recovery.

3. The Decline in Their Overall Health and Wellbeing

Alcohol addiction can be a severe problem with potentially devastating consequences, and it’s essential to look out for signs of alcohol addiction in those around you.

If you notice someone you care about is having a persistent decline in their overall health and well-being, it could be a sign that they are being affected by alcohol addiction. You may observe that they are choosing to drink more than usual and are developing a tolerance to alcohol.

4. Uncharacteristically Argumentative When Drinking

Any sign of alcohol addiction shouldn’t have ignored. Alcohol addiction can lead to serious health consequences and impair judgment and decision-making abilities. If someone you know is exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction, it is essential to get them help.

One of the signs of alcohol addiction that should have taken seriously is when someone is uncharacteristically argumentative when drinking. If someone starts fights or disputes over small matters or is uncharacteristically cranky or angry while drinking, it could be a sign of an underlying problem.

It’s essential to connect with a doctor or therapist who can help them get the resources they need to manage their addiction. Ultimately, the goal is to keep everyone safe and support those seeking help.

They may also neglect other aspects of their life, such as hygiene, job responsibilities, or family and social commitments. If you recognize that someone you know is exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction, you must take action and speak to them about it as soon as possible.

5. Being Unable to Live Without Alcohol

Alcoholism is a severe addiction that should not have taken lightly. One of the most alarming signs of alcohol addiction is being unable to live without it.

If a person finds that they constantly have the urge to drink and become almost unable to go a day without alcohol, it’s very likely they have a problem and need help. 

6. Avoiding Activities and Friends for Drinking

Alcohol addiction can lead to many changes in behavior and social activities. If you or someone you know is avoiding activities and friends for drinking, it is a sign of alcohol addiction that should not be ignored.

If the person is only participating in activities where alcohol issues are involved or only wants to spend time with friends when drinking, it is a warning sign of addiction.

Other warning signs to look for include an increase in tolerance to alcohol and withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. Also, if you or a loved one find yourself drinking in the morning to cope with or relieve withdrawal symptoms, it may be a sign of alcohol addiction.

If you or a loved one is exhibiting any of these behaviors, getting help as soon as possible is essential to overcome their addiction, or they will go to rehab.

7. Difficulty Focusing

One of the signs of alcohol addiction that should not have ignored is difficulty focusing. If a person is increasingly unable to pay attention or handle tasks requiring concentration, they may struggle with alcohol addiction.

Problems with the focus can range from difficulty getting organized, difficulty communicating thoughts, confusion, and difficulty multitasking. Furthermore, difficulty focusing can be present both during and after drinking.

If the person experiences the inability to focus for more than a few days, this indicates that there may be a more significant issue at stake. It is essential to take note of this sign, as it may mean that the person should seek help with their addiction before it worsens.

Know the Signs of Alcohol Addiction Today

Alcohol addiction can be hard to identify, but being familiar with the warning signs can help you take action. If you or someone you know demonstrates any signs of alcohol addiction mentioned, don’t delay and contact a specialist for directives.

Help is out there; together, you can learn how to manage and eventually beat this addiction. We want you to get better, and we want you to know how to identify alcohol addiction signs so you can get the help that you, or your loved one, needs.

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