5 Signs Unwanted House Pests Have Moved Into Your Home

House pests can bring sickness and destruction into any home. Look out for these signs if you want to prevent a small pest issue from becoming a big problem.

14 million of the 124 million homes in the US have reported seeing pests in their home in the last 12 months. It’s very common to have pests — unfortunately, more common than you might realize.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs. House pests can cause damage and destruction very fast despite how small they are.

Below are some signs that could indicate you may have unwanted pests in your home. If on the inspection you notice you do, it’s vital you contact Pest Control Experts immediately.

1. Scratching in the Walls

Most of the common house pests — especially nocturnal house pests — will make a lot of noise in the walls and you’ll hear it when it’s quiet. Most often, it sounds like a scratching sound as they burrow through wood and try to create nests in the wall.

If you hear a scratching noise at night, don’t ignore it! Call reliable pest control services like https://reliabletsolutions.com/turlock-pest-control/.

2. Signs of Chewing

If you notice small holes in drywall or signs of wood being messed with, don’t ignore it. Ants and termites will burrow through this and although it may seem like a small problem now, it can escalate to foundation problems that are difficult and costly to repair.

Catching it before then is best.

3. Droppings

You might actually see droppings if you have pests. Look in corners and along the edge of walls if you’re concerned and you might be able to find physical evidence.

If you do see them, it’s a sure sign you have some house pests, and your home needs treatment as soon as possible.

4. Unfamiliar Smells

Have you ever smelled something unfamiliar in the house and wondered what it is? Although it’s easy to write it off as nothing, it’s not something you should ignore. This is especially true if it’s oddly sweet and musky.

Different common house pests have different smells and if there’s an unfamiliar scent at all, it’s time to locate the source in case that’s where it’s coming from.

5. Signs of Nesting

If your house pests are a little bigger than termites or ants, it’s possible to find signs of nesting. Look in dark corners and places you may not necessarily always see, as there’s where they’ll nest.

Usually, rats and mice like to use shredded paper and other small, soft materials to create their nests, so this is what you’re looking for. You shouldn’t attempt do-it-yourself pest control in these areas and should call in a professional.

Get Rid of House Pests Fast

If you have even the slightest inkling that you might have house pests, call in pest control. They’ll be able to take a look around and find out if you do have any of the common house pests and then proceed to get rid of them.

It’s always best to leave it to those who can be fast and efficient!

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