3 Benefits of Pediatric Dental Care in Utah

What do you know about the benefits of pediatric dental care? Read about them here in this helpful overview on dental care services in Utah.

Did you know that as many as 3.5 billion people worldwide have one or more dental disorders? Cavities, in turn, are the most common, so much so that 520 million kids have them on their primary teeth.

Fortunately, pediatric dental care can help keep children’s teeth and gums healthy.

But what exactly are the benefits of pediatric oral care? How can these treatments in Utah help your little ones?

We’ve listed the most crucial facts you need to know in this guide, so be sure to read on.

1. Child-Centered Dental Care

As many as 9% of children worldwide have a condition known as dental fear and anxiety (DFA). Worse, about two in three kids with DFA have more dental cavities than those without DFA.

After all, children who fear dentists are more likely to resist going to one. Hence, their risk of developing oral diseases like tooth decay increases.

The good news is that pediatric dentists deliver child-centered oral care. One reason is that they underwent education and training for kids’ dental health. That allows them to handle children with DFA better, making them feel less fearful.

So, if your little ones are up for a kids teeth cleaning appointment, take them to a Utah pediatric dentist. It’s even more crucial if they fear the dentist yet complain about toothaches. They may already need fillings to prevent their primary teeth from decaying further.

2. Helps Reduce Risks of Oral Problems

Untreated cavities in children can result in painful infections. All that may then lead to dietary and speech problems. Moreover, such oral health problems can also impact how they develop, learn, and play.

So, it’s no wonder kids with poor dental health tend to miss more school days than those with good dental health. That puts children with dental disorders at a development and learning disadvantage.

That’s all the more reason to take your child to a Utah dentist specializing in pediatric dental care. The specialist can help by administering prompt treatment, such as dental fillings.

Pediatric dentists in Utah can also give children a fluoride varnish treatment. They can apply sealants, too, which, like fluoride varnish, can help prevent cavities.

3. Early Correction of Oral-Facial Developmental Woes

Pediatric dentists specialize in children’s oral-facial growth and development. That includes monitoring their young patients’ teeth, gums, jaws, face, and airways. Moreover, they always look for issues that may hinder a child’s genetic potential.

One example of a problem that may affect a child’s oral-facial region is malocclusion. It’s a condition that causes the teeth or the entire bite to go all crooked or misaligned. Unfortunately, it’s more than an aesthetic concern; it can make the teeth more prone to decay.

Luckily, it’s easier to fix malocclusion in kids than in adults. After all, children’s growing teeth and bones are still malleable. Thus, they’re easier to modify with corrective pediatric orthodontic treatments.

All Kids Deserve Pediatric Dental Care

Remember: Kids are often more susceptible to and have a lower pain tolerance than adults. Hence, they may find problems like mouth pain and tooth decay more debilitating.

That’s why you’d want to ensure your little ones get the pediatric dental care services they need. And the sooner they see a Utah pediatric dentist, the sooner they can achieve optimal oral health.

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